i need a lover, someone i can love limitlessly without fear of rejection and someone who reciprocates that feeling 


Artist Samantha Keely Smith paints breathtaking abstract landscapes that resemble the swirling waters of the ocean. Using oil paint, enamel, and shellac, Smith builds up multiple translucent layers of color, alternating between soft brushstrokes and large, sweeping gestures to evoke crashing waves, surging tides, and stormy floods.


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Skylight was sosososo good, Bill Nighy and Carey Mulligan were amazinggggggggg. And our seats were perfect, Row H in the stalls of Wyndham’s Theatre seats 17 & 18. Wyndham’s theatre is unspeakably beautiful as well. The audience however were very middle.

Just got back from a really nice weekend away in blackpool with my bestfriend.

The couple at the b&b were literally the sweetest people, they couldn’t do enough for you, needless to say I had such a good time, sometimes I feel like I should be really thankful for the people I have around me :) 

“For if men needed speech in order to learn to think, they had a still greater need for knowing how to think in order to discover the art of speaking.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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